Our mission at Pacific Yacht Delivery is to provide select owners, agents and brokers with the best value and highest quality professional yacht delivery service available.

Under the direction of United States Coast Guard Licensed Master J. Eric Bergel, our experienced team of marine professionals specializes in the ocean going delivery of recreational motor and sailing vessels to all points on the Pacific Ocean and beyond.

To date we have logged over 120,000 miles both offshore and along what amount to some of the harshest coastlines in the world while consistently maintaining a perfect safety record and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We take pride and pleasure in efficiently delivering each vessel to the selected destination in Bristol fashion. We have never failed to complete a delivery and will do everything possible to continue our impeccable reputation.

For more information about our service please visit the rest of our site and then call our office or email us at the link below.

It will be our pleasure to assist in the planning of your next yacht delivery.

Delivery Rates

Vessels and itineraries vary considerably and therefore it is not practical to set one rate for yacht delivery.

We generally contract deliveries for an all inclusive delivery service fee based upon a number of factors including: route and season proposed – vessel speed, equipment, condition and the number of crew required.

The delivery service fee covers crew wages, transportation, and provisions for the duration of the delivery. Fuel, moorage, outfitting and repairs are billed at the completion of delivery at our direct cost.

Delivery Rates


I have twice contracted Captain Bergel for the delivery of my Hans Christen 48 foot sailing yacht ‘Cecilie’ between Mexico and British Columbia. I…
Captain Bergel has a strong background in many aspects of boating, engines, navigation and seamanship, as well as much offshore experience. He deliver…
I first met Eric when he was delivering a vessel from California to Costa Rica. He and his crew had just crossed the gulf of Tehauntepec, and they wer…
During his employment with Humboldt Bay Harbor Cruise, Captain Bergel has proven to be an honest, dedicated, sociable, dependable and most capable ope…
I have been personally acquainted with Captain Bergel since 1993. I know him to be honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend him as an accomplished p…
Captain Bergel delivered Venture, my Jeanneau 49 SO, from Oahu to San Francisco this summer. I am completely impressed by his professionalism, capabil…


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Pacific Yacht Delivery

Simply the highest quality and best value yacht delivery service available.
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht Delivery added 4 new photos.Saturday, April 21st, 2018 at 5:56am
Monterey this morning
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht Delivery added 3 new photos.Saturday, April 21st, 2018 at 4:40am
The wind fell off to 5 knots at midnight. We furled the jib, reefed the main and sprang the cast iron jeniker. During the break in period, the manual says to run her at full throttle minus 400 turns for the first ten hours. Consequently, we are fast! Like eight knots fast! I’m sure we have a healthy current pushing us along, but even still, you’ve got yourself a respectable motorsailor here. She motors well. She sails really well!

We’re headed to Monterey to put Will ashore. Drastic situations call for drastic action and when I say, “he got sick”, I mean to tell you...

I didn’t want to have poor old Frank giving him enemas, or anything, but if we don’t do something, he’ll probably die!
I’ve never known Will to get sick, but Jesus! He took the precautionary Dramamine as suggested, but I guess some days your wave train comes along and your number comes up.

Will’s breakfast came up too! And then some.

We’ll be in about 03:00, so we’ll just hang on the fuel dock and get some zzzzs until they open. I guess we’ll top up again as a safety precaution and get a fuel calculation. I wouldn't guess it’ll be terribly accurate though, what with the motor still breaking in.

As long as we’re stopping, we’ll probably spend a minute looking things over. I’m curious about the steering quadrant, the 12v charging and several items on the engine. Break-ins/shake-downs have a way with the equipment and it’s not uncommon to need to tighten things up a little.

We had a collision with an unidentified floating object (UFO) at about 02:00. A very loud bang! On inspection at Monterey we found a 12-18” mark at the beam just above the waterline. Probably a big piece of drift wood. It looks like it will buff out easily enough, though. Fiberglass is tough!

So, Will is on his way back to his Master of Fine Arts program in Fresno. Pescado Azul is full of fuel and we are getting back under weigh. 200 miles and one more dark night to go. Current ETA: Saturday afternoon/evening.
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht Delivery added 2 new photos.Friday, April 20th, 2018 at 1:42pm
Dispatch to our client:

Hi E-

We are well under weigh, down bound with a following sea. It’s what I’d describe as “sporty” out here with 25 knots average wind speed and a 4-6 with occasional 8’ wind waves.

We have a deep reef in the main to the upper spreaders and about 2/3 of the jib rolled out making sevens and eights. I’m pleased to report that the boat is very well balanced and the autopilot is working beautifully.

We are nearly abeem of Half Moon Bay already and we’ve had a close sighting of a humpback.

Will is a little under the weather and has had to make a small offering to Neptune, but Frank and I are tip top.

I’ll report again if and when we have any developments.

Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht Delivery added 4 new photos.Thursday, April 19th, 2018 at 6:08am
We’re at the docks of Farralone Yacht Sales in Alameda prepping an brand new Catalina 425 for delivery to Ventura. It’s a short run, but the forecast promises some spirited sailing. Stay tuned...
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht DeliverySaturday, April 14th, 2018 at 2:08am
Zippo’s uncle chartered a party boat to come out and take our picture as we went under the Golden Gate at sunrise on Lady Mary last month. He’s a crazy cuss and I hope to meet him one day.
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht DeliveryThursday, April 12th, 2018 at 1:01am
Here is May’s Delivery: A Crealock designed Pacific Seacraft 37 from Seattle, WA to Monterey, CA. Smaller than the boats we usually contract, but of such high quality in design and construction and so well outfitted, we were delighted to receive the commission. Who’s up for a springtime sleigh ride down the west coast?

Pacific Yacht Delivery

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