Our mission at Pacific Yacht Delivery is to provide select owners, agents and brokers with the best value and highest quality professional yacht delivery service available.

Under the direction of United States Coast Guard Licensed Master J. Eric Bergel, our experienced team of marine professionals specializes in the ocean going delivery of recreational motor and sailing vessels to all points on the Pacific Ocean and beyond.

To date we have logged over 120,000 miles both offshore and along what amount to some of the harshest coastlines in the world while consistently maintaining a perfect safety record and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We take pride and pleasure in efficiently delivering each vessel to the selected destination in Bristol fashion. We have never failed to complete a delivery and will do everything possible to continue our impeccable reputation.

For more information about our service please visit the rest of our site and then call our office or email us at the link below.

It will be our pleasure to assist in the planning of your next yacht delivery.

Delivery Rates

Vessels and itineraries vary considerably and therefore it is not practical to set one rate for yacht delivery.

We generally contract deliveries for an all inclusive delivery service fee based upon a number of factors including: route and season proposed – vessel speed, equipment, condition and the number of crew required.

The delivery service fee covers crew wages, transportation, and provisions for the duration of the delivery. Fuel, moorage, outfitting and repairs are billed at the completion of delivery at our direct cost.

Delivery Rates


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Pacific Yacht Delivery

Simply the highest quality and best value yacht delivery service available.
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht DeliveryTuesday, November 27th, 2018 at 8:07am
Today we’re hanging with the swells:

Sailing yacht Asahi
Larry Ellison

White vessel center
Motor yacht Invictus
Rick Caruso

Blue vessel background
Motor yacht Aquila
Ann Walton
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht Delivery added 2 new photos.Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 at 11:41am
15:15 hours
November 13, 2013
Eureka, CA

We made it! Cheated death one more time! Happy client. Sound vessel. It was a perfect trip save for a little sea sickness on the part of Joseph and Evelyn, but bless their hearts, neither one registered so much as a murmur of complaint.

Turns out I was fairly well exhausted. It’s remarkable how I don’t feel the tired nearly so much underway as I do once ashore. I slept in the car the whole ride home, took a shower, changed the sheets and slept another ten hours straight.

There were basically three take aways from this trip:

First would be the drone footage which is being edited presently and will be posted as soon as available.

Second is a silly, sea-going variation on rock/paper/scissors that Asher and I came up with late last night:

A: What happens if we hit a whale?
Me: Steal beats blubber.
A: What beats steal?
Me: Rust beats steal.
A: Then what beats rust?
Me: Blubber beats rust, naturally!

Then we worked out the hand gestures.

Finally, as I was reflecting on the contrast between the pitch black darkness of the first night with the stunning clarity and majestic beauty of the second night it occurred to me that it was really analogous to life in general. After all, that beauty and mystery and majesty is constantly existent, but sometimes, to a greater or lesser degree, it is occluded by one thing or another. The miraculous is always there. It’s just that sometimes you can’t see it.
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht Delivery added 2 new photos.Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 5:17am
Beautiful morning off Saint George’s reef.
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht Delivery added 2 new photos.Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 3:04am
12:45 hours.
November 11, 2018
5 miles south of Shelter Cove.

Finally! Finally! Finally! We’re out of the smoke! We can breath again! Hallelujah for us and hearts out to all those who’ve suffered from these tragic fires.

It’s actually perfect conditions to send the drone up and get some whale footage. Clear. Calm. Close to an area they frequent. Only problem is the whales aren’t cooperating. Just a bunch of divas, if you ask me.

So we launch the drone anyway, just for practice. We moved some rigging out of the way for landing and Joseph got the gps to work on the drone so he doesn’t have to fly it completely manually anymore. Asher is in on the action acting as coms. man between the flight deck and the bridge and assisting Evelyn as spotter.

The kelp flys are the real burden out here. So much so that I had to fabricate a customized fly sweater out of some paper plates, duct tape and a coat hanger. I’ve got over a hundred kills in, but there’s no sign of their numbers diminishing. They constantly populate the wheelhouse in the tens and twenties. Asher and I were speculating on the possibly undead nature of these little hellions! It seems quite likely that they are only dead for a minute and then reanimated moments later. If that’s not the case, I can only imagine how, if I were even slightly compassionate to their plight, rather than a joyful, maniacal mass murderer, they’d be so thick in here by now, we wouldn’t be able to see out the windows!

19:00 hours November 11, 2018
Cape Mendocino buoy

What a difference a day makes! Minus the smoke, the night sky is now crammed full of heaven. The Big Dipper hangs low and slowly twists about ten feet in front of the windshield. The sliver of a moon, which started a little larger and higher tonight, cast its light bounding across the wave crests before silently dropping completely out of sight.

These nights are divinely made for heavy conversations with real speak of love, parenthood and spirituality. It seems we are so made that its impossible not to be at once awed and madly grateful at life for itself and the view it sometimes affords us.

06:30 hours.
November 12, 2018
Six miles west of Crescent City.

Amazing night all night. Clear warm and still. Countless shooting stars. The international space station. Phosphorescence glowing in our bow wave and our wake. It was so glorious, that despite having only spent a couple of hours in my rack the night before, I held the watch, mostly from the boat deck, until after three A.M. while the others slept. I’m terribly selfish like that, I guess.

The plan for this morning is to take a close pass by Saint George’s reef and send up the drone for a trip around the old, abandoned lighthouse. Then, we’ll probably send it up one last time as we pull into Brookings just before noon.

Drone footage will have to be posted after Joseph gets a chance to edit it down, so it might be a couple of days.
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht Delivery shared a post.Monday, November 12th, 2018 at 6:17am
Here we go leaving port yesterday:
Pacific Yacht Delivery
Pacific Yacht DeliveryMonday, November 12th, 2018 at 3:50am
Pillar Point Marina
Half Moon Bay
09:00 hours

Fire up port generator.
Fire up main engine.
Switch to ships power.
Throw off the lines and kick her in gear. We are underway!

7nm south east of East Farallon Island.
November 11, 2018
12:00 hours.

First sighting of a humpback pod to starboard. Ole “Eagle Eye” Asher spotted a plume from nearly a mile off and as we got closer, a massive flock of working gulls came into view indicating the whales were feeding. Joseph and Evelyn got the drone off and captured some compelling footage despite the difficult conditions created by wind and sea. The dicey part is landing the drone in between all the rigging on the boat. Very stressful.

East Farallon Island
November 11, 2018
14:00 hours

We made a close pass to the south of the island, but there was nothing much by way of activity that we could see. There are two houses, a laboratory and a lighthouse up on the hill, but nobody about.

A little way on I got all excited to spot a huge flock of birds working close to the surface, but nothing larger ever materialized. By the time we got to the western group of islands the sun was threatening to drop below the wheelhouse roof and paint us burnt umbra.

11nm west of Point Reyes
November 11, 2018
19:45 hours

Dark. Black. Ink.
The moon is nearly new and already set. The smoke from the wildfires drowns out even the stars. The horizon is only a memory outside the vapid glass of the wheelhouse windows.

Thanks be to Detroit for the engine and to Furuno for the instruments. Without the wars and chicanery that funded these technologies, were would we be on this featureless sea? Without them this would be nothing but absolute deprivation!

November 11, 2018
Six miles offshore at a point almost exactly between Point Arena and Fort Bragg.

As the sky lightens and once again separates itself from the sea, I breath a sigh of relief. Not only for the coming dawn, but for the aerial gymnastics successfully completed lashing the floppy parts of the outriggers to the upper parts of the mast. One hand for the ship. One hand for the rope. Don’t look down.

I’m pretty tired. The kids slept the night through while Joseph was only able to do a couple hours on watch. Because of the blackness and lack of horizon, his inner ear got the best of him and I woke up to the sound of his retching.

After I shut down in a bit and add some oil to the main engine, I can give Asher the watch and go to sleep on the pilothouse berth.

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