I first met Eric when he was delivering a vessel from California to Costa Rica. He and his crew had just crossed the gulf of Tehauntepec, and they were taking a short rest before continuing on. Given the way in which they were taking care of the sailboat they arrived on, washing the decks and sails etc., I was a bit surprised to learn that they were actually a delivery crew. I made sure to get Eric’s contact information in case I ever needed assistance moving my sailboat. The following year, Eric delivered my vessel from southern Mexico to California, in less than ideal conditions for much of the trip. I sailed with Eric and his crew for a couple days at the beginning, and I was quite impressed with his knowledge of sailing and navigation, as well as his calm, cautious approach. Eric does not take unnecessary risks or make hasty decisions. He also is capable when it comes to repairing or improvising critical systems on the fly, if necessary. Most delivery Captains will claim this ability, but they don’t all have it.